Theses for 3rd-Millennial Reformation

“From Luther’s day to the present, October 31, 1517 has been considered the birthday of the Reformation. At noon on this Eve of All Saints’ Day, Luther nailed on the Castle Church door, which served as a bulletin board for faculty and students of the University of Wittenberg, his Ninety-five Theses, as his Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences has commonly been called.” (Luther’s Works 31:19)

This anniversary of Luther’s posting is the day on which I begin to similarly post my theses for reformation of the Church. As in Luther’s day, when the basic tenet of salvation by grace had generally been practically lost, so today has another Christian theological essential been distorted and lost, the true meaning and praxis of the Second Great Commandment (2GC). This widespread disobedience of the Church to the fundamental plan of God has led to a retardation in the achieving both of His Church’s maturity and so of the ultimate destiny of humanity as the restored corporate image of the Creator in the kosmos.

Yet, even amidst mighty enemies spreading darkness in hatred against the Church, we have hope for the future in recovering our basic identity and purpose through reestablishing a civilization based on 2GC. Seeing the vision of renewed Christian culture as a loving global voluntary individual communitarian solidarity. I believe the best days of restored humanity lie ahead of us.

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