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M.Litt. Dissertation for the University of St. Andrews

Mace. ‘Ensign for the Nations—MR in Luke-Acts’

This is a link to my M.Litt. Dissertation for the University of St. Andrews, “Ensign for the Nations: The Heilsgeschichtlicher Phase of Messianic Reunification in Luke-Acts.” It has to do with showing that Luke-Acts indicates that Jesus is the prophesied Messiah fulfilling the predicted reunification of north and south Israel, Judaea and Samaria. This understanding has been hidden until recently due to supremacist Judaean (i.e., Jewish Israelite) polemic and related millennia of misunderstanding of the biblical book of 2 Chronicles.

But modern science, in happy union with true religion, has set free biblical truth from these obscuring factors. Archaeology has shown the untruth of the Judaean polemic and set the Books of Chronicles free to converge with the prophets who predict reunification of all Israel, Judaea and Samaria. Archaeology and genetics have also shown the falsity of Judaean slanders against Samaritans that wrongly alleged them guilty of religious syncretism and racial miscegenation; science shows the Samaritan Israelites are just as much Israelite as are Judaean Israelites.

Thus this paper indicates that the proper understanding of the parable of the Loyal Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37 is that all Israelites must love one another in order to participate in Jesus’ messianic renewal of Israel. Theological application of this will show that the Second Great Commandment is to love one’s fellow Christian as oneself.


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